• This will be my go to from now on. The scents are AMAZINGGG! I am sooo happy with my purchase!

  • The best candles I’ve ever bought! I lit one and walked out of the room, came back not even 10 mins later and the whole room smelled like a vanilla waffle cone 😍 I literally want to eat them. I will be buying more.

    Hailey Gray
  • The candles are high quality and have great scents, customer service was fabulous! I will definitely be ordering from here again.

    Catie T
  • The candles smell sooooo good. They burn slow and last for a long time. My favorite scent is the Lemon Pound Cake.

    Samantha C.
  • These candles smell so good. They fill the room with a light scent that is never overbearing.

    Alexis B.

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